Did You Know These Apartment Organization Tips?

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We know, we know. Moving is tough, especially when you are trying to keep all of your belongings organized in your new apartment. Whether you're downsizing, relocating to a new city or even moving down the hall at your current building, you're not going to want to miss these helpful apartment organization tips.

1. Label Everything. That's right, we mean everything. Keep your boxes labeled by room and put your most needed belongings on the top so they are easily retrieved when it is time to unpack.

2. Separate Spaces. Be mindful of what belongs in the kitchen, the office and your bedroom. It's easy for random office supplies like pens and sticky notes to make their way to the kitchen, however, it is important to be mindful of giving everything a proper place in your home. It will keep you organized in the long run!

3. Say Goodbye. We know it's tough, but sometimes you have to say goodbye to that coveted pair of boots you might, in an alternate universe, wear again! We're sorry to say, but the best way to stay organized in your apartment is to cut the clutter to a bare minimum. The only way to get more storage is to donate, sell or throw away anything that doesn't need to be there. You'll thank yourself later.

4. Think Up! Space is limited when you are living in an apartment so you have to get crafty when it comes to storage. A great alternative to this common apartment downfall is to utilize vertical storage options. From stackable drawers for your closet to DIY floating shelves, utilizing this space will help you maximize your floor space for living instead of storing!

5. Stay In Control. Clutter can easily accumulate itself, don't wait until it's time to consider spring cleaning to address your organizational challenges. Try to set a goal for once a month, that way you're organizational challenges never get beyond your control. You've got this! Try setting a reminder on your phone or laptop so you can stay ahead.

6. Make Your Bed. It may seem trivial or even obvious, but making your bed will help you be more productive and keep your bedroom organized. Just think about it, if you are making your bed each and every morning, don't you think you'll be more likely to take care of the rest of the room and apartment, too?

7. Be thorough. Don't consider one room more important than another. Treat every space as important as the others and spend time thoughtfully planning a space for all of your belongings. If you consider one room to be storage or unusable, you can quickly lose control of what you have which can wreck any established habits or organization systems you may already have in place. Every space counts!

Moving is a tough job, but you've got this! Remember these tips and we think your move and entire apartment-living experience will be smooth sailing. Need more tips on how to maximize the space in your apartment or more apartment organization tips and tricks? Be sure to check out the rest of our blogs or subscribe to our newsletter here.

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